Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sat, March 22, 2014: Southwest Adventure Time!

I think anyone who has read this blog to any extent has figured out that Southwest Adventure Time is some of my favorite adventure time for spring break!

Brennan and I headed out to Utah and Arizona, so I could show him some of my favorite places in the country.  He drove most of the way, which was heavenly, so I was left to notice awesome stuff like this along the way:
I wish that everyone could see what the world looks like as you transition from Colorado to Utah along I-70.  The road goes steadily down, out of the mountains, and flows into this beautiful, desolate desert surrounded by cliffs.  There are ranches and lots of rocks and rabbitbrush, and not much else.
 San Rafael's Reef, along I-70, one of my favorite stopping points. :)

Another favorite for me, this random tree on the side of a rest stop along the highway.  As you look over the cliff, there's this big canyon of deep red-brown rocks that stretches out in both directions.  I love how completely weird the land is out here, compared to Connecticut!
We spent the night in St. George, Utah, another favorite place for me.  It had been wintery and cold in Colorado, but when we arrived at the motel about 11 hours later, we had this:
Gotta love spring in St. George. :)

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