Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thurs, Feb. 6, 2014: New Mexico!

Brennan and I traveled to New Mexico for my yearly 4-day vacation in February.  I wanted to show him some of my favorite places I've visited since moving out west, and many of them happen to be in New Mexico!

He was most excited about visiting Roswell, so we made that the stopping point of our first day.  There isn't really a main route that takes you to the town, so we left the interstate and meandered down state highways through ancient lava fields and miles and miles of flat, snowy desert.

On our way, we took a break to visit with some horses grazing in a pasture along the side of the road.  These three were chilling out in the middle of the field.
 This guy was hanging out by himself in another part of the field.
 As soon as we started standing near the fence and talking, he trotted right over to us:
 We named him Curious George, and he attempted to eat Brennan's shirt.
 Goodbye, Curious George! :)

The first time I traveled to Roswell, I was overwhelmed by all of the alien signage.  It's a reminder that there is a significant community of "believers" out there, enough that the town has made a business out of our curiosity.  It's an amazing feeling to connect with people who have similar ideas about certain things, and Roswell is no exception. (Though I don't think those beliefs reflect what most in the town think...!)

 Walking around town, I saw this view down a random alley and loved it:
We continued south to Carlsbad, where we roosted for the night and geared up for... Carlsbad Caverns!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sun, Jan. 12, 2014: National Western Stock Show

One of the things I really miss from New England is the Eastern States Exposition, or the "Big E" as we like to call it.  It's like our version of a state fair, except all of the states in New England are involved since they're so small.  The closest thing I've seen in Colorado is the National Western Stock Show.  I went once several years ago, and Brennan and I decided to go this year. 

The complex of buildings for the show is massive! (and also happens to host several gem/ rock/ crystal/ fossil/ bead shows, which make the buildings more awesome!)
We sat for a while and watched them judge some young cows.  This is a huge part of the show, as I think buyers will pay top dollar for animals judged to be good for breeding.

There were tons of fuzzy little alpacas in another building.  We got into a conversation with some alpaca owners, who said that they can be very sweet depending on how they are treated, just like any pet.
Aw!  This makes me wish I was a farmer. :)