Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sat, Dec. 21 to Mon, Dec. 30, 2013: Home for the Holidays

It has become my tradition to head back to Connecticut on the first Saturday of our Winter Break.  I'm not a huge fan of Saturday traveling, but by this point in the year I'm usually missing Connecticut so much that I don't really mind.

I love the view of the mountains out the window, though this time the view was streaked with de-icer.  You'll notice this is the only sunny picture of this entire blog post!  Good bye, Colorado!
 One of my favorite sites when I'm landing in New England is the outline of the Connecticut River.  Hello, watery wonderland!
I have certain places that I really miss visiting, so my parents do their best to make sure that we see those places when I'm there.  One of my favorite stores in Connecticut was introduced to me by my friend Becky. It's called That Dinosaur Place, for obvious reasons!  They dress the T-Rex up for holidays which is pretty awesome. :)
 On Monday, 12/23, my father and I went to Mystic and had us some Mystic Pizza.  Yum!
 I am obsessed with this drawbridge every time I visit.

 View of the river from the drawbridge:
The little guard house on the side of the bridge seems so perfect to me.  I do not at all enjoy living next to busy streets, but for some reason it seems like it would be a peaceful place to live, with that beautiful view of the water.

 On Thursday, 12/26, both of my parents took me to Newport, RI.

We walked down to have lunch at a restaurant that my brother-in-law recommended.  He is not only a former Newport resident, but an amazing cook, so we took his recommendation seriously!  It was freezing out, and raining, but we figured it would be worth the cold walk there.

 It probably would have been, but the place was closed.  Boo!

On Sunday, 12/29, my parents took me past the Eggs Backwards farm, which is actually Flamig Farm but I'm not sure anybody calls it that.  
I spent more time this trip just hanging out with the family, reading books and relaxing.

I left on another cold but sunny day to this view of Mt. Tom.  When I used to live in Connecticut, I remember thinking of Mt. Tom as this huge landmark of a mountain.  Now I look at it and it just makes me smile.  It's so tiny!
 The prairie...
 ...and possible the Sand Hills in Nebraska?
I'm working to catch up to present day and can't wait to share my February adventures here!!  We're going away again soon and I'm really excited for the trip.  There is so much going on here right now.  As I sit looking out my window, it's weird to be writing about things that happened 3 months ago.  The maple tree near my window is bursting with bright red buds, the sun is shining brightly and I can hear the neighbor kids playing out on the lawn.  Life marches on. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sat, Nov. 2, 2013: White Ranch in November

Late fall through early spring seem to be some of my very favorite times to visit White Ranch Park.  I think the colors during this time of year epitomize what's beautiful about Colorado in the winter: snow, deep blue sky, rich green pines, and soft golden grasses.  This time there was no snow, but the rest of the equation was still beautifully present.
There was some damage to several of the hiking trails due to the violent floods we had this fall, so Brennan and I navigated with our dogs around the damaged areas and enjoyed one of my favorite Colorado places.
 We passed this weird structure that I haven't noticed in my previous hikes here.  What is this thing?  I couldn't tell if it's permanent or in the process of being built, but I didn't like its awkward intrusion on the face of the prairie.
One of the coolest things about Colorado is randomly noticing some massive snowy mountain peak in the distance.  Can you see it in this picture? :)
 Here's a better look:
Walking around the hills is so peaceful and soothing, but catching a glimpse of a high mountain peak still makes my heart skip a beat, and my eyes widen with wonder.  I don't think that I have taken the beauty of Colorado for granted during a single one of my days here, and I never intend to.  I still love these moments, though, when Colorado shocks me into awe.  I think of how far away the mountain is, and the plants and animals that live there, and all the people who have climbed it, and imagine what the temperature and wind are like there.  I think about the geological processes that created this massive upheaval of rock, and what the earth would look like below me if I could fly from here to there, and what the air smells like, and what the view looks like from up there looking back at where I was standing.

It makes me feel so alive, and so tiny, and I love it for that.