Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sat, Oct. 26, 2014: Halloween!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays each year, as I love making and wearing costumes.  This Halloween, I dressed as a time traveler with a steampunk theme.  I had several time keeping devices that did not require the use of a battery: two sand timers, a wind-up pocket watch, and my personal favorite, a sundial/compass combination wristwatch.

I don't usually post pictures of myself, but I had so much fun making this costume that I couldn't resist!  Plus, Kaylee is in the photo which amps its awesomeness up to an 11!

 I worked on this corset for forever!  It took a long time for all of the parts to come together, but I loved the final look so it was all worth it.
I had a large green leather belt strapped across one shoulder that hooked into the eyelet strap sewn onto the corset.

Brennan and I went out that evening and won a costume contest!  My personal favorite was seeing a woodland archer elf costume that was hand-made by the girl who wore it.  Brennan was a zombie EMT and was excellently disgusting in his costume.

We need more holidays for dressing up, imho. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Present Day: Thurs, Feb. 13, 2014: Apocalyptigator!

Ok, I have to skip ahead for this, because it's awesome. :)

Back in October, I was contacted by a research assistant professor at the University of Tennessee who asked permission to use this photo for his research paper:

You may remember this photo from my Swamp Things! post a couple of years ago.  I thought it was pretty awesome that my picture might help someone with their research, so I told him he was welcome to use it!

Today when I logged on here to post my adventures at Daniels Park, I noticed a comment from someone stating that my picture has been circulating around the internet.  I had been contacted again by the research assistant professor, Vladimir Dinets, to ask my permission for the media to use my photograph.  I didn't think much of it, but WOW!

Here's the article by him and his colleagues, which examines climbing behaviors in alligators and crocodiles:
**Click here**

I did, in turn, ask for his permission to post the link here. :)

Out of curiosity, I did a quick search a bit ago for "alligators climb trees", and came across a couple of pages of articles that feature my photograph!  I take no credit for being the one who actually got my photograph out to these sources, as Vladimir Dinets and his research team are the ones who did the work and put together a great paper... but it's still so cool to see my name on some of these websites!

National Geographic
CBS News
Science Daily
and Discovery!

This is so cool. :)

I have named this little climbing alligator "Apocalyptigator", since I now have this ridiculous (and awesome) image in my head of an apocalypse-by-alligator!

Sat, Oct. 5, 2013: Daniels Park

Our Hike Like a Pirate Day hike ended up being cancelled this year, due to last-minute circumstances of friends who had to cancel.  The park I had suggested for the hike, Daniels Park, was still on my mind as it's one of the few state parks near Denver that I have not yet visited.

So, of course, we had to go. :)

I'm not sure that the park was a great place to suggest for a hike, as it was perched up high on some rocky ridge.  The awesome thing about the park... is that it was perched up high on some rocky ridge.  Meaning the views to the West were incredible.
Seriously, sometimes I still can't believe that I live in this state!
I had to take the opportunity to ask Kaylee to pose... :)
And Mikka, Brennan's dog, who is also rather adorable.

The interesting rocky shape in the distance is Devil's Head, home of the amazing Devil's Head fire tower that I have visited a couple of times.
Mt. Evans:
And both of the girls, being cute.
One of the things that I have consistently done on this blog is talk about my feelings in relation to the places that I visit.  Sometimes they make me feel loved and protected, sometimes sad and alone, sometimes overwhelmed and awe-struck.  This place was phenomenal: strong, biting, gusting winds that raised goosebumps on my fleece-sleeved arms; vibrant green grass and trees stretched out all around us, punctuated by the blackened trunks of leftover fire fodder; warm sunshine and pure blue sky above us, with fresh air to breathe... and what I felt was peace, and being slowed down, and happiness, and contentment.  I'm not sure those emotions are as interesting as feeling tortured and lost and lonely, but they feel a great deal better!  It's such an amazing feeling to have a heart that just feels happy.  

I can't believe that I'm posting about something that happened 4 months ago, but that's how things are right now I suppose!  I really want to catch up with my past posts, though.  I feel like I still have so much to share, including a pretty big trip we took last weekend.  So, as usual, there are more adventures to come!