Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sat, Aug. 17, 2013: Paint Mines Tour Guide

Wow... I can't believe that it's December and I'm posting about something that happened in August! 

I have a lot to say, but haven't been sure how much to say here, which is why I've been relatively quiet.  Brennan and I have been traveling some, but every time we go I either forget my camera or am so busy living in the moment that I don't feel like taking pictures.  I think that will change as time goes on, but for now that's how it is. :)

Way back in August, we headed to the Paint Mines, since I clearly need to take everyone I know there!

It was fun wandering around the place, bright wildflowers popping out in the sunlight, showing him the places among the rocks that I find to be the most beautiful.
Like me, he enjoys climbing up for a better view!
Ever since this summer, I've been feeling different.  Some extremely intense things happened, including my friend's husband (who was also my friend) passing away from cancer.  I have not experienced a lot of loss of that nature in my life, and it has been an extremely difficult experience.  My heart feels so heavy to think of their beautiful relationship ending too soon due to circumstances that neither of them could control.  They always seemed to make the best of every moment together and I hope that I can learn from them. 
Another major thing that changed is that I met Brennan.  I think those two things worked in conjunction with each other to do something really powerful to me.  I have this image of myself as running, running, running, always running... and then life comes and places two giant hands around my shoulders.  They don't hurt me, but I am quickly pulled to a complete stop.  And I stop, and I look around, and it's like I'm seeing the world around me for the first time in a long, long time - really seeing it, and not just breezing through.  It's a little bewildering, and I imagine myself looking all around and blinking with wide eyes...
...because this guy...
... is this guy.  And this guy.  And by that, I mean the elemental angel I was told would come into my life.  I wrote years ago that learning about him would always be a "what if" in my life, but I was wrong because he's actually a real person and not just some concept I was told about.

It's funny: I completely forgot about the messages given to me by the dowser and woman at the metaphysical fair and the random girl at the mall in Florida.  Then their words started creeping into my mind again and it all suddenly came flooding back to me.  I shared some of the things that they said about him in the posts I linked above, but I was told other things that I chose not to share here, and they're all true.  Even the month in which we met (June), though I was impatient and decided that it should have been June 2009!

The only thing they were wrong about is where I would meet him, though they did say he wasn't in the state at the time which was accurate.  He's traveled and lived all around the southern US, though not in any coastal cities as I was told.  I wonder where that came from, and if they were intuiting my longing for the ocean.
It's weird that life can sometimes be so hard and sad, and so joyful and amazing, all at the same time.  I feel in awe, and humbled, and hopeful. 
It's a good place to be.