Friday, December 28, 2012

Weds, Dec. 26, 2012: Gray Day in Newport

I am back in Connecticut with my family for the holidays.  Coming back felt strange this year, and I think for the first time it didn't feel like I was coming home.  Home for me feels like where my pets are, which means back in Colorado.  I am a believer in the idea that your friends are the family that you choose, but I would take that one step further and add that your pets are too.  Kaylee, Pea, and Severus are there for me every day, to cuddle and pet and play with.  They offer me gentle acceptance and support in the best ways they know how.  Kaylee reminds me every second of every day that life is a delicious gift to be enjoyed zealously and without hesitation.  Pea and Severus raise their tails in friendly greeting when I am near, meow their "hello"s, and grace me with a nap on my lap when I'm lucky.  My friends are my Colorado family, but my pets are like an extension of my soul, in the trenches with me as I navigate through this life.  Those furry little creatures have become my Home. 

It has become a yearly tradition, I think, for my family to take me to Newport, Rhode Island while I'm in town.  I love this beautiful little town, with its gray December skies, narrow streets, and mossy old buildings.  Modern touches like cars and power lines are just so bizarrely out of place here that I want to erase them all away.  I wish these streets could be filled with horse-drawn carriages, a sea of people in brightly colored suits and gowns flowing up and down the tightly woven grid of passages between the stately old homes.  Anything short of this feels like an intrusion to me.
The sea...
I missed your incessant murmuring, the way you push me away and lure me toward you all at the same time, the softness of your sand and the bite of your December wind.

This bridge... I have been fascinated by it from the first time I saw it.  Since I was a passenger, I got to soak up the view.

Sometimes I wish I could be a passenger more often.  Being able to soak up the view while someone else takes care of the driving is pretty awesome sometimes. :)  It's all about balance I suppose - opportunities to drive, and chances to just sit back and watch the world roll by.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sat, Dec. 8, 2012: My Favorite Rocks 'Round Colorado Springs

I had a friend come in from out of town to visit me, and guess where we went?  I'll give you a hint, and Kaylee's going to help me:
That's right, Paint Mines Interpretive Park, one of my all-time favorite Colorado places.  (For other Paint Mines visits, see here, here, and here!)  I guess it's just really fun for me to show guests a place in Colorado that is unknown even to a lot of people who live in the state.

Also, I just really adore the Paint Mines. 

It was supposed to snow that day, but the weather ended up being the opposite of what was predicted.  Colorado tends to do that. :)  We stopped by Garden of the Gods on the way home, another of my favorite pieces of Colorado Springs magic.

It was fun having someone around to whom I could show off my beautiful state.  It was good for me, too, to have an excuse to get out and see some sights, since I seem to have difficulty doing that lately.  I'd like to get myself back to a place inside of me where an excuse is not necessary, but for now, an excuse to get out will do just fine. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fri, Nov. 23, 2012: All Along the Clock Tower

I headed off a while back to watch my friend Ami sing with a caroling group along the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver.  Thinking it would be freezing cold, I bundled myself and Kaylee up before heading out.  It was Kaylee's first time ever in any big city, and I wanted her to enjoy herself rather than freeze her feet off.

It was pleasant, mild, and somehow peaceful in the middle of the city.  The music was soothing, and Kaylee elicited "ooh!"s and "aah!"s, and accepted the attention and affections of many strangers very well.

Ami and her group continued walking up toward one end of the street, so Kaylee and I checked out a craft market, then meandered down toward the quiet end of the mall. 
This clock tower... I adore it.  It's one of my favorite landmarks in the city.

At the ice skating rink, people sang along with the carolers, the singing voices and chatting voices all blending together to create... not a song, but a harmony of sounds.  It felt good to be a part of that experience, singing and talking voices all around me, and my perfectly behaved angel puppy sitting beside me.  I tend to think of myself as more of a country girl, but sometimes I do love the city.