Monday, October 20, 2008

Sat, Oct. 18, 2008: Denver Zombie Crawl

Last night, I dressed up like a zombie. Why did I do this when it's not even that close to Halloween yet? For the 3rd annual Denver Zombie Crawl!

A huge crowd gathered in front of the Denver Pavilions on the 16th Street Mall, dressed in ripped up and bloodied clothes, skin green and white, smeared with various colors of the fake blood that was being handed around like candy at a parade. People were so creative - there were hospital patient zombies, aerobic instructor zombies, prom zombies, army zombies, businessmen zombies (which I found funny since it's sort of redundant...), and one guy even made a paper mache rib cage that jutted from his chest and had bugs crawling all over it.

I wasn't a very scary zombie since I couldn't stop laughing most of the time, but anyone who knows me probably could have guessed that would be the case. I'd say this ranks way up there among the stranger things I've done since arriving in Colorado.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thurs, Oct. 16, 2008: Magnolia Again

The internet installation finally was a success, and I'm now writing on my own secure network - hooray!!

Here is my new kitten Magnolia. Please permit me one crazy cute kitten posting and I promise I won't do it again. :)
She is so freaking cute, it's painful. I'm not sure what kind of place she lived in before she was brought to the shelter, but she seems amazingly trusting - to such a degree that within hours of bringing her home she was rolling over for belly rubs, even with her spay incision making her vulnerable. Last night she flopped herself all over the place. She doesn't lay so much as throw herself at something soft and lift her chin in gentle submission while waiting for my sucker fingers to smooth her chin fur or rough it up behind her ears. As you can tell from the above photos, she has thus far spent most of her alone time hanging out under my bed. She does come out if I'm in the room but I don't think she feels ready to do so when left alone.

Weds, Oct. 15, 2008: Magnolia

Several people responded to my jamais vu post, informing me of more types of "deja"s and "vu"s than I ever thought existed. After researching them, it seems that what I experience is really called "deja vecu"(according to Wikipedia...). So I figured I'd post that and correct myself. :)

Yesterday I went to the Dumb Friend's League, Colorado's version of the humane society, and picked out a kitten! The name they gave her at the shelter is Magnolia, and it suits her so I'm leaning toward not changing it. But not far enough to fall over because that would suck. I can't wait to get her... actually, I'm so excited about getting her that I couldn't sleep this morning. I feel like it's Christmas, or the morning after losing a tooth. She seems very shy and was really unhappy at the shelter. The kittens are all in a big glass enclosure when you first walk into the building, and she stayed in the corner the whole time to get away from the chaotic toy stealing, tail batting, pouncing action. There were a couple of other kittens that I wanted to meet, but they were already taken. (The lame thing about that is that I realized I forgot my wallet at home when I first arrived... meaning I had to drive back across town to get it, then back across town again to the shelter. So possibly I could have had any kitten had I not forgotten my wallet, but I did so life turned out differently).

I'll post pictures of her this afternoon, if the neighbor's internet continues to cooperate. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fri, Oct. 10, 2008: Jamais Vu - The Answer to my Question

Last September (the 19th to be precise) I posted a blog called "Deja Vu That Hasn't Really Happened", in which I discussed the experience I sometimes have of feeling that I remember something happening differently than it is actually happening in that moment. I don't know that I have met anyone yet who knows what this feels like, so it's always seemed very strange to me.

A couple of days ago, I was reading a collection of short stories by Charles de Lint called "Dreams Underfoot". In one short story, "Paperjack", he discusses the idea of jamais vu - remembering something that never happened. It's the first time I've come across something that validates this experience, which has happened infrequently but consistently throughout my life. It makes it seem so much more concrete just to know it has a name.

October Break is finally here, and I have a whole week before me to fill up with whatever suits my moods. I'd really love to take a trip to Craig, the dinosaur park, and Salt Lake City, but I'll probably hold off if the weather is too cold. If that doesn't work out, I could always head south....

Now that the weather is getting cooler (supposedly it might snow tonight), I am starting to wish that I had a guy in my life again. For some reason I feel like it's more difficult to be single during the winter than it is in the summer - perhaps that's just because I like having someone to put my frozen feet on when I'm in bed. Or to warm up my hands, or curl up on the couch with and watch a movie. Winter just seems like a time when people should be close to each other and find comfort in proximity.

When I was read by the dowser at the fair in Denver, she told me that my soul mate isn't even anywhere near Colorado yet. She said he will be here in 10 months, which makes it the end of June - near my birthday. Getting my soul mate for my birthday would probably be the best present I could ever hope for. I'm not sure if I think that someone can know something like that, but I do agree with her advice to spend this winter working on things inside of me so that when he does arrive I'll be ready. I think when I do meet him, the first thing I say after I realize it will be "what took you so long?", followed by making out for an hour or seventy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mon, Oct. 6, 2008: Confluence Park = Weirdest Place Ever

(Quick side note: I haven't had regular internet for weeks now, which makes posting blogs tough. :) I am getting internet set up this weekend though and am looking forward to posting my autumn adventures from last year once it's up).


I have a feeling that I am going to continue writing about the oddities of Confluence Park for a while, having arranged like 15 more activities there last night while hanging out with a friend. Here are just a couple of strange things that happened last night:

- While sitting by the river, we were triangulated by some strange bird creatures that I have never seen before. They looked like a cross between a penguin, snake, pear, and duck. If we went near them, they flew away. If we sat still, they kept popping up out of the shadows with their heads oriented to fix one beady eye on us. First we noticed one... then two... then three... and I bet more would have shown up if we stayed longer.

- There was a bird singing. It was black out and 9:00pm.

- We climbed the X-Men hill and noticed that it was significantly warmer on top of the hill than below it. This makes no sense. Also awesome is the fact that my cousin said there is a similar X in Savannah, giving credit to my X-Men transport theory. I just realized that I forgot to try passwords last night!

- We saw two enormous fireballs, separated from each other by a time of about 2 hours and by 180 degrees of sky (one in the east, one in the west). By enormous fireballs, I don't even mean large meteors... I mean bigger than that. One was seen while standing on top of the X-Men hill, was bright acid green, randomly appeared over downtown and seemed to disappear into the buildings. The second was seen by the river while being triangulated by the penguin-snake-pear-ducks, was equally as enormous, and was bright white. I've spent a lot of time staring up into the sky at night, but I've never seen anything like that.

This place is seriously weird, but for some reason it doesn't make me scared. I can't figure out why that is, because I'm usually the first chicken who runs away at the sight of anything abnormal. Maybe I'm so high on life that I'm losing my ability to make sense, but I think it's fun that things seem less scary and more exciting to me, more things to explore and figure out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sat, Oct. 4, 2008: Georgetown and Downtown

I still don't have my own internet, an inconvenience that will be remedied next weekend if all goes according to plan (let's not mention all of the times life decides to deviate from the plan...). The absence of internet makes me feel more cut off from the world than not watching TV, and while I enjoy not being bombarded by random ads I do miss keeping in touch with family and friends. In case you're wondering, the borrowed internet connection that I usually tap into is cooperating with my laptop this afternoon for some unknown (and wonderful) reason.

Yesterday I met up with a friend in Georgetown, a small old mining town along I-70 in the mountains. We accidentally showed up for their Aspen Festival, so the 4 little blocks of downtown were filled with vendors and people strolling around. I figured that the aspens would be past peak this weekend, but their beautiful golden leaves beckoned brightly from their groves nestled among the pines. This little festival is the closest I've gotten out here to the harvest activities back in Connecticut! We went for a wagon ride behind a pair of horses, drank hot cider, visited an old hotel left over from the old mining days, ate lunch in a restaurant with the heads of dead animals adorning the walls, and checked out the shops of jewlers, glass blowers, photographers, and painters. The day started off fairly warm but got colder as it progressed, finally driving us out of the town as it became more uncomfortable to walk outside.

When I got out of my car in Golden, I was still bundled up in my coat and was relieved to be greeted by a burst of warm air. It's still so strange to me what 30 minutes of traveling does to the weather.

I went out to dinner in the evening with another friend in downtown Denver (mmm Indian food...), and it was so beautiful out that we wandered around for a while, down 16th street away from town. We found ourselves facing a big, grassy hill and decided to climb it. When we reached the top, we were totally weirded out to find that the top of the hill was carved out like a bowl with a large X across the bottom of it. In the center of the X was a circle, and there was a smooth stone wall circling the formation. I walked to the circle in the middle of the X and waited to be transported to the X-Men's headquarters (you know Wolverine is hot), but sadly nothing happened... until I began to talk. The walls of the depression in the hill were just high enough to make my voice echo back to me, but the area was relatively small so the echo was very fast. It almost sounded like my words being stretched out, instead of an echo. I was once again weirded out and told my friend about the echo. He was standing fairly close to the center of the X but looked at me like I was crazy... until I moved and he stepped into the circle and could hear his own voice echoing. I think the X is probably a sound sculpture, alien landing site, or transporter for the X-Men. Maybe you just need their special genetic code or a password or something. I'm so trying passwords next time.

The hill was part of Confluence Park, the place where Cherry Creek and the Platte River meet. Although we were downtown, we were surrounded by grass and trees and the beautiful sound of the water beside us. We wandered up another hill and found ourselves on top of a concrete cliff (ok so the drop was only 10 feet...) overlooking Elitch's (an amusement park) and Speer Boulevard. Settling ourselves on top of the wall, we stayed there for a while just being random. I love being outside on beautiful nights and it was so nice to have someone to enjoy being outside with. Not that he really could have done much if someone wanted to hurt us, but it just feels better to be with another person. Often night just takes my imagination and runs with it, and having someone else around keeps my feet just a little closer to the ground.

That's life for the moment. I have a little cluster of mums and pumpkins by my front door and a bouquet of yellow and maroon flowers on my kitchen table. My belly dance class last Wednesday was wonderful and I feel like I'm finally going to learn the basic foundations to the dance moves, something that has been missing in the other classes I've taken. The sky is cloudy right now, with layers of mist obscuring the hills up the canyon to the north. There is a cold wind driving in through my windows but I can't bring myself to close them and admit the defeat of summer. I think I'll just turn my heat up.