Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tues, June 5, 2007: Random Thoughts and Moving Update

Hello to anyone reading this!

I wanted to share a couple of thoughts. These past few seasons have been some of the strangest ones of my life, with ending an old relationship, starting a new one, finishing school, losing people who I thought were good friends and randomly becoming reacquainted or getting back in touch with people from a variety of different times and places in my life (many of whom don't even have myspace so will never read this about them!).

I've wanted to say thank you to you all for quite some time, but could never figure out how to say it. I think that most of you know because I've said it in person anyways, but I feel like it's worth saying here too. Thank you for being there for me, for your support, for listening and caring, for making me feel like I'm an important part of your lives that you don't want to leave behind. You reminded me that I am a person worth caring about, and that friendship is worth seeking out. And you made me realize that I am never alone. : ) So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who showed me you care... it meant very much to me, and still does.

As for moving updates, I'm currently looking to leave on the weekend of July 6th. Yes, I'm willing to brave the 4th of July traffic, Boulder is worth it and I can't wait to get out there and settled in! I expected to take a road trip across country this summer, though I had no idea it would be under these circumstances. This is even better than I expected! So yeah, in case anybody was wondering, I'll probably be out of here in about a month. : )